3 Simple Steps To An Effective lotto Strategy

Why do you need an effective lotto strategy?

As with anything worthwhile you want in life, you need to work for it and have a strategy to get it. Good things do not just fall in your lap – you have to earn it. Okay, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to play the lotto, but in order to play lotto the smart way, you need a few active brain cells. This is where your strategy comes in.

How to create an effective lotto strategy  

Create an effective lotto strategy in 3 simple steps!

Step1: Select your winning numbers

First of all, select a set of numbers that you feel comfortable with. These numbers may be randomly chosen or you can select numbers that are meaningful to you, like birthdates, anniversary dates and so forth. Write these numbers down and play them every single time. Playing a different set of numbers every time you play lotto, does not work. It’s like shooting blind. Select your lucky numbers and play them every time.

Step 2: Decide between local lotto or international online lotto

You have 3 choices – playing local lotto, online international lotto or a combination of the two. When you just play local lotto, buying your lotto ticket from the drugstore on the corner, you greatly limit yourself. Open the door to bigger and better things – play lotto online! This way you get to take part in all the huge international online lotteries. Plus, you can combine local with international play.

Step 3: Play with a Plan

Plan your Play and then Play your Plan. Play at least once a week. Put a little money aside for lotto and select the lotto games you find most suitable to your circumstances. Make a habit of it. If you skip once, you may get slack and forget to play again.

Remember, the more you play, the better chance you get to win any of the prizes paid out on the winning tiers. So, follow these 3 simple steps and implement your own effective lotto strategy today.


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