5 Psychological Tricks to make your life easier

Why do you need to know about these Psychological tricks?

Your success in life greatly depends on your ability to communicate with others, whether in social, career or business scenarios. Some people communicate better than others and therefore attain greater success. Good communication skills do not imply manipulation, but will improve your relationships with others. Take a look at the 5 top and proven psychological tricks listed below to add to your communication skills.

Psychological Tricks #1: Stay Calm

When someone raises their voice to you, do not scream or shout back. Stay calm. If you fly off your handle, you allow yourself to be provoked and nine times out of ten, you then do exactly what the other person wants. If you remain calm, you do not provide fuel for the other person’s fire. You will gain respect and also refrain from doing or saying something that you will surely regret later.

Psychological Tricks #2: Eye Contact

When you are introduced to someone, make a note of the person’s eye color. This information is not something that you will ever use, but this is a proven technique to achieve optimum eye contact. People are more likely to trust and like somebody that makes eye contact.

Psychological Tricks #3: Remember Names

A sure way to gain instant brownie points is to remember somebody’s name. When you call people by their names, they feel special and will act in a more positive way towards you. A proven way to remember names easily, is to associate the name and person with something out of the ordinary. Example: The person’s name is Mike. Visualise a microphone on his ear. You will remember his name the next time around!

Psychological Tricks #4: Fewer Choices

Making decisions can sometimes be a real pain in the derriere. Choices, choices, choices … More is not always better. With fewer options, you will be able to consider the available options better and eventually make a more informed decision. More than 4 choices tend to confuse people. Keep your options limited and work with what you have.

Psychological Tricks #5: Better Posture

This is an excellent trick all around and will boost your confidence. This is an example of body language you can use to make a better impression on those around you. An erect posture takes up more space and makes you feel more confident. Increased confidence will lead to improved social relationships and even success.





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