6 Tips on Spending Lotto Millions

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Mad Hatter Lotto Spending

There are some lucky lotto winners that spend their lotto millions in a totally mad hatter way.  They barely spare a thought for tomorrow. They throw money at whatever strikes their fancy. They cater to their every whim and flaunt their riches. Having more money than Croesus, they chase after the good life … super-yachts and super-cars abound in their charmed worlds.

Responsible Spending

Other lucky lotto winners manage their huge windfalls in a totally different manner.  They do the responsible thing.  They go for counselling on how to handle sudden riches.  They obtain valuable financial input from reputable financial advisors and invest their money wisely.  They pay off their bonds, pay their kids’ tuition fees, and settle down to enjoy life knowing their futures are being taken care of.

Spending Lotto Millions

Imagine you win the lotto.  Imagine millions and millions is yours to do with as you please. You can be a mad hatter spender and go crazy. You can buy the most extravagant mansion on the market and park a collection of sport cars in the driveway.  You can purchase a private jet and have your meals on different continents if you so wish… and why not, you’ve got the money. Or you can sit on the money and just enjoy knowing it’s yours.

Be a little bit of a mad hatter spender as well as a responsible spender.  Most winners will tell you it’s all about keeping a balance.


  • Invest most of your money.
  • Pay off all debt.
  • Own your own home – pay off your bond or buy a house.
  • Secure your children’s future.
  • Donate money to a worthy cause.

Then, treat yourself.

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