Achieve your Goals NOW

It is time to achieve your goals – sooner rather than later. But, what is the best way to stay motivated and not to start faltering halfway through?

Achieve your goals: Set Specific Goals

Before you set out to make a list of goals, first find out what you really WANT in life. Be specific. No fluffy, vague language, just use specifics. This way you can really focus on something concrete and not just a pie in the sky.

Achieve your goals: Set Measurable Goals

Choose one ultimate Life Goal, then select sub-goals that lead you to your main goal. These sub-goals should be measurable – if you want to lose weight, you have to set a specific target for each week. This way you can view your progress and adapt where and when you need to in order to stay on course.

Achieve your goals: Identify possible Obstacles

When you start planning, identify possible obstacles. This may be fatty foods in your house when you want to diet or somebody that keeps telling you that you will not make it. Remove the obstacle/s if possible. If this is not possible, change your mindset and focus on not being influenced by those obstacles.

Achieve your goals: Be Accountable

Accountability is very important. Either make yourself accountable or ask a friend to keep you accountable. This way you will not be able to fade out of the equation and allow your success to slip away.

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