Can Lotto give you Financial Freedom?


The way to financial freedom

The lottery attracts thousands of people from families with a lower-income household. So why is this? Is the lottery really worth spending your hard earned cash on? Statistically, the lottery attracts a slew of people from lower-income households. Why? And is the lottery really worth it?

A lot of people call it “a tax on stupidity.” Many others would agree. . .

Albert Einstein once made a remark, “Only two things are certain: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not certain about the universe.”

Yes – I am going to say it. I do not agree with Albert Einstein.

The lotto is a shortcut to financial freedom and I agree with many who will say that the lottery should not be the only means in which you try to gain financial freedom. However, lotto is a game of chance and there is nothing wrong with putting a little trust in the universe to look out for you. If you win a jackpot prize in the lottery – you will be financially free. You will be what every person in the world dreams about. You will be able to pay off debts and mortgages as well as buy new houses and cars and invest in the future of not only yourself, but those closest to you.

I say take a chance on life. Be grateful for what you’ve got – but strive to be and achieve more. Always strive to become more than you already are. We were not born to fit in. If we were – then what is the point of living? We were born to stand out.

Happy betting!

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