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Don’t forget to not forget your USA Lotteries ticket

Being a scatterbrain and suffering from forgetfulness can cause havoc (and close calls) in a lotto player’s world… as well as afford the rest of us some laughs.

Forgot to buy the winning USA Lotteries ticket

Imagine always picking the same combination of numbers every time you play USA Lotteries.  Now, fancy your strategy finally pays off and your lucky numbers are drawn.  You have won one of the largest USA Lotteries ever!

Then you realize you forgot to buy a lottery ticket on your way home from work yesterday… Besides kicking your own behind (repeatedly), do you merely shake your head and laugh at yourself or do you break down and cry inconsolably?

Here follow a few horror (and somewhat funny) stories on how forgetfulness almost cost some lottery winners big bucks.

Forgot he bought a USA Lotteries MegaMillions ticket

In 2013, Steve Tran, a then delivery driver, totally forgot he bought a lottery ticket In San Jose while he was doing his usual delivery route. The ticket sat on his chest of drawers for weeks before he woke up in the middle of the night, remembered about it and checked his numbers.  Steve won a whopping $324 million on the Mega-Millions lottery.

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Forgot to check both USA Lotteries MegaMillions tickets

In 2003, Stephen Cooke from Roswell, Georgia, played the lotto and hit the MegaMillions jackpot. Upon arrival at the lottery office in Atlanta, Stephen was informed that there was another winner with the same number combination and that the prize will be shared among them.  Stephen then suddenly remembered out of the blue that he had actually bought two lottery tickets and picked the same set of numbers for both.  He could produce both lottery tickets and was awarded $13,300,000 for each winning ticket.

Forgot where he put his ticket

When a 76-year-old man from Amsterdam realized his lottery ticket might have ended up in a waste paper recycling bin, he promptly scrambled into the bin and started looking for his ticket.  His ticket was nowhere to be found though.  The poor man had to shout for help to get out of the bin and had to be rescued by police and fire fighters.

And the lesson is … rather Play Lotto Online NOW!

Playing USA lotteries can make you an instant millionaire in the blink of an eye.  You can’t afford not looking after your lottery ticket in a responsible manner.  Lock your ticket away in a safe after purchasing it and don’t forget to check your numbers against the draw.  Remember, if prize money won in USA lotteries is not claimed within a certain time period, it will be forfeited.

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