EuroMillions jackpot Benefactor

Be a generous benefactor when you win the EuroMillions jackpot

Donate and pay it forward

Every EuroMillions lotto player entertains grandiose plans to spend the lotto millions once it’s in his or her bank account.  Spending lists usually include well-deserved holidays, bigger homes in better neighborhoods and flashy wheels.  It seems the first thing that comes to mind when one wins the lotto is “I’ve got to get rid of this money ASAP!”  Lotto money burns holes in many pockets. Spendthrifts can hardly wait to blow a million or two on all sorts of luxury knickknacks and bric-a-bracs.

Not every lotto player, however, has his or her head in cuckoo land.  Some of us are grounded, level-headed people with at least a small measure of financial savvy up our sleeves.  I dare say we’ll keep our cool and at least pretend we’re all blasé and use to big money!

Some good souls donate some (or all!) of their lotto winnings to worthy causes.  Others believe in the principle of ‘paying it forward’ and ‘giving something back’.  The National Lottery sets a worthy example and donates a whopping £33 million per week to good causes. In fact, more than £31 billion has been raised for Good Causes since 1994.  More than 420,000 projects have received funding.  Lotto money sure is a real blessing to some!

Generous with time and money

A 43-year old mother of four, Michelle Edwards of Poole, Dorset, won £1.9 million on the lotto in 2009 with her husband, Ed. Michelle splurged out on yachts, cars and a mansion before she ‘felt guilty about being a big spender”.  She then joined forces with charity Canine Partners and is now a puppy training volunteer.  Once trained, the puppies go to disabled persons.  Michelle is grateful for the opportunity ‘to give something back’.

An anonymous Frenchman is donating €50 million of his €72 million February 2014 EuroMillions winnings to ten different national charities. The incredibly generous benefactor is in his 50’s, unmarried and has no children.

These lucky winners are an inspiration to all lotto players.  When you win the EuroMillions lotto be sure to follow their example!

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