Your Euromillions Lotto Winnings and Sports Teams

Billionaires collect sports teams as trophies.

  Buy a Euromillions lotto ticket and you may be investing in sports teams sooner than you think.

Sports teams are collectibles

The latest ‘simply-must-have’ in the world of billionaires is sports teams.  No self-respecting billionaire out there wants to be caught not owning a sports team.  Billionaires the world over vie to outbid each other in their quest for sought-after collectibles such as rare art works and exquisite jewelry. Sports teams are considered the crème de la crème and pièce de résistance of collectibles since only a select few Midas’s can afford the exorbitant price tags that come with it.

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Billionaires who own sports teams

  • Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, recently purchased the LA Clippers for a record-breaking $2 billion. Ballmer, a basketball fanatic, has acquired ownership of a rare asset indeed – one of only 30 NBA teams.  
  • Jerry Jones, American businessman, purchased the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys’ in 1989 for a cool $150 million.  This American football team is now reportedly worth north of $2.3 billion. 
  • Joshua Harris, a self-made private equity billionaire with a cool net worth of close to $3 billion, invested in both the Philadelphia 76ers in 2011 as well as the New Jersey Devils in 2013. 
  • Michael Jordan, former basketball player, is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets which is reportedly worth about $625 million. 
  • … the list goes on and on… 

Lotto tickets and sports teams

Each time you buy a lotto ticket you stand a chance to win the lotto jackpot.  Having a few lotto millions in your pocket may just entice you to spend on sports teams.  You may not necessarily care to join the exclusive ranks of billionaire sport owners but nothing is preventing you from investing in sports teams in your own neighborhood.

Imagine sponsoring a deserving team with brand new sports equipment and training facilities … Sports build character and teach kids the importance of team work and working hard to get what they want.  You can be part of that!  Buy a lotto ticket and you may be investing in young sportsmen’s careers one of these days.

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