Euromillions: Money can buy happiness

Your Euromillions Money can buy happiness

We have all heard and even used the saying that money cannot buy us happiness. However, research that has recently been done at the University of Warwick as well as Watson Wyatt says that money can increase our moods and happiness.

A lot of lottery players will say that they have known this for a long period of time however they may not know that you do not need to have millions in order to feel a difference. You really do not need to win a jackpot.

The research done at the University of Warwick, which will be published in the Journal of Health Economics, indicate that even medium sized lotto wins – around the range of 1000 to 120,000 Euros – can have a long term sustained impact on the overall happiness experience by the winning ticket holders.

The research also shows that after a period of 24 months, those who won medium sized l lotto had a mental wellbeing otherwise known as a GHQ score of 1.4 points better than in their past. In plain English, this means that 24 months after their win, these medium-prize lottery winners were a staggering 10% happier than those of us who haven’t won anything or who have only won small prizes.

The findings came after a 14 year study using the BHPS. This survey tracks 5000 households across Britain.

So it’s true – money does buy happiness. I have always thought this to be true as you cannot in any way be happy if you are dirt poor and struggle to make ends meet every day. Even if you have a loving life partner as wonderful kids – without money there is nothing to enjoy family life with.

The next time that you buy a Euromillions lotto ticket – remember that you do not have to win the jackpot to be happy. You just need to win an amount of 1000 – 120 000 Euros. With that said. . .

Happy betting!

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