Euromillions Prize unclaimed

Euromillions Prize unclaimed

The Euromillions player who never claimed his/her prize worth 1 million Euros must be kicking him or herself now. The winner failed to come forward therefore missed the deadline. The winning ticket was bought in Warwickshire on New Year’s Eve. Despite all the publicity surrounding the win, the ticket holder did not pitch. There was a 180 day period set in which the winner could have claimed his/her winnings. The period set ended on the 30th of June 2014. The prize as well as the interest that accrued will be donated to the Good Causes fund.

The National lottery donates a third of its annual revenue to The Good Causes fun, as well as any unclaimed lottery prize money as well as the accrued interest. The Good Causes fund then uses this revenue to fund education, the Arts and heritage, sports facilities and charitable causes.

Play Euromillions Online

It is highly recommended that players buy National Lottery tickets online in order to avoid a fate similar to that of the unidentified EuroMillions winner. Online lottery websites offer gamblers the ability to buy tickets securely and to benefit from having their tickets automatically checked after the draw. This is great because any player with a winning combination is then notified by email. Can you imagine receiving an email to say that you have won the lotto? You would probably think it’s a scam email at first. For players who prefer to buy their tickets from a retailer, some online websites include details of all unclaimed prizes so that ticket holders have the chance to identify and claim any prizes they are owed. If the winner from Warwickshire had been smart enough to buy his/her ticket online, he/she would certainly be living the high life right now!

If you have any lotto tickets that have not been checked I would advise you to do so immediately as I would not want this poor soul’s tragedy to become your tragedy. This winner was so close, yet, so far from everything that he/she had ever dreamed of. What is the point of playing if you are not going to check your ticket?

Happy betting!

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