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We humans are competitive beings.  We’re seldom content with who we are or what we have.  If we can’t make it, we fake it.  Image is very important to us and we keep ours polished to a mint.  We want others to think we’re successful and in control of our lives, even if we aren’t.  It’s not so much a question of pride as it’s a question of survival-of-the-richest.

The smarter the clothes we wear, the more successful we look.  The grander the mansion we live in, the more prosperous we look.  At the end it all boils down to money.  You can’t afford haute couture if you’re a pauper.  You can’t live in a posh abode if you’re a church mouse.  You’ve got to have money – and lots of it – if you’re serious about projecting a killer image that screams “I Have Arrived!”

Besides robbing a bank, inheriting a fortune, or marrying for money, your average Joe can forget about competing with the snobby, have-it-all Joneses of this world.  Robbing a bank will land you in prison and definitely tarnish your image.  Inheriting a fortune sounds like a sure-fire way to lawfully gain riches but hey, what are the odds of having a rich aunt – never mind one that’s about to bite the dust?  Ha, marrying for money is only an option if you look like a super model and move in the right circles to begin with!

The only way a regular Joe Schmo can really live a financially charmed life these days is to win the EuroMillions.  Buy your EuroMillions ticket today and you may just leave the Joneses behind.  Win the EuroMillions and enjoy life among the super-rich.

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