EuroMillions Winnings Unclaimed

EuroMillions Winners Don’t Always Claim Mega-Dough

Absentmindedness, denial, religious qualms, and just plain negative thinking are why some Lottery winners forfeit mega-millions.

Mega-millions ownerless

Imagine winning big in a EuroMillions jackpot … and not claiming all those mega-millions! Who on earth would walk away from truckloads of cash? Players have only 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their millions if they hold the winning ticket.

Why would someone turn his back on Euromillions mega-dough?

It is inconceivable to most of us that someone would knowingly and willingly not claim lottery winnings. Why on earth purchase a ticket in the first place when one does not want or need the money?

Absentmindedness is a major reason why lottery tickets go unclaimed. People simply forget:

    • that they have purchased a ticket,
    • where they have put it, or
    • to check the numbers

Euromillions Denial

Denial and negativity also cause players to not check their tickets. They believe they are unlucky or not worthy of winning. “There’s no use in checking the numbers, I’ll never win.” It happens to other people, never to me.”

Players have been known to forfeit their winnings by not claiming their prizes because they are scared of “what people might say if they were to know I participated in a lottery?” There are also those who do not claim their winnings due to religious reasons. They believe buying a ticket is a sin and when they actually win, they feel morally and religiously obliged not to accept the money and indulge their sin lest they end up in hell.

What happens to unclaimed EuroMillions prizes?

If no-one claims their winnings before the deadline, then the prize money, plus interest, will go to various national lottery projects.

Where lottery tickets are kept

Players keep tickets in odd places. Lots of tickets end up on the floor of a car, somewhere in a very deep handbag or pushed into a secret sleeve of a wallet.

The most common hiding places seem to be:

  • in the car’s glove box
  • in the Bible
  • under the mattress
  • in an old pair of jeans
  • in a box containing old till slips
  • in a bra

More crafty stow-away places are:

  • in the false bottom of a jewellery box
  • inside an empty washing powder box in the laundry cupboard
  • underneath the meat in the freezer

The best places to keep EuroMillions lottery tickets are:

  • in a bank safety deposit box with all your other valuables, or
  • locked away in a safe in your home with only you holding the key

Advice to Players of the EuroMillions lottery

Simple and straightforward: Only purchase a ticket when you are willing to safeguard your ticket, check your numbers, and actually WANT to claim your money when you do win.
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