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We all know that life can have its ups and downs. Many of us find ourselves bogged down in a morass of self pity due to all the problems we perceive. The saying goes that the mind can be a wonderful servant, but it is a terrible master if you allow yourself to indulge in negative thinking. The opposite is also true. You can start with the smallest gesture or idea of gratitude and build on this to adapt an attitude of gratitude. This might not make sense at first, because why should you be grateful for your problems? After all, they give you headaches and sleepless nights! Well, think about it this way, the universe is neutral and responds to what you manifest in your thoughts, words and actions. If you are forever engaging in reactive negative thoughts that lead to unpleasant emotions consider a new avenue of thought. Consider the fantasy power that lies in your imagination!

Unleash your Fantasy Power

We all have fantasy power. In our everyday lives we may dream about the day our ship comes in and we receive what we believe deep down is our due in life. Well, like my sister always used to say, “You can build the castles in the sky and I will paint them.” Without doing something concrete to seed our fantasy, we may find that we end up feeling foolish for doing something that is part of human nature, that is, to dream of better things to come. Buying a USA Powerball Lottery ticket is your way in to joining a mass movement of fantasy. In the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, with a slim but still real chance of winning, your fantasy power will flourish.

When asked why people like to participate in the Lottery you may hear them say that they love the fantasy aspect of the game. Harnessing your fantasy power can lead to a daily practice of gratitude and feeling more positive about life in general. When we fantasize, we create images and emotions that take us to a mental place where we enjoy being. Do not disregard this capability without giving it a try. Nothing comes from nothing and without putting out positive energy you could be missing out on some great opportunities to better your life!

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