Feng Shui Tips for more Wealth & Success

Feng Shui Tips and how can it bring wealth & success

Feng Shui is an ancient Oriental art and science that creates balance and harmony in people’s lives through the optimal management of the environment.

The meaning of feng shui: feng means wind and shui means water. Bothe elements flow and that is what feng shui is about – positive flow. Based on the Taoist vision, feng shui predicates that the land is alive and filled with Chi or energy.

Feng Shui Tips #1: Money

The traditional feng shui money area is the Southeast area of your home or workplace. Applying feng shui principles in this area of your space will open the door to financial prosperity and abundance.

Feng Shui Tips #2: Wealth Vase

The feng shui wealth vase is an ancient tradition and it has a complex history. In essence, the wealth vase attracts wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui Tips #3: Make your own Feng Shui Wealth Vase

  • Fill your feng shui wealth vase, using items that has a personal association with wealth. These items should define wealth to you. The more meaning each item has for you as an individual, the more powerful energy will be created. This energy has to be maintained, so add new items on a regular basis and remove some old ones that may have lost their meaning for you. Examples of items to use: Chinese coins, golden ingots, different crystals and jewellery.
  • Fill your vase with a clear intent for wealth. This is very important. Your vase needs to be energized with positive intentions to create energy or chi.
  • Remember: Do not open your wealth vase if not necessary. Add new objects, but do not disturb the energy contained inside by just opening it for fun.
  • Your feng shui wealth vase should not be displayed out in the open. Respect it and place it out of sight. It is okay to change the placement of your vase, but keep it out of sight.
  • You can even have more than one feng shui wealth vase and your vase can be any size you want.

Feng Shui Tips #4: Aquariums

Feng shui aquariums are potent feng shui vessels and also attracts wealth and abundance. They add to harmony and attract other feng shui factors.

Feng Shui Tips #5: Bamboo

One of the most popular feng shui cures, is the Lucky Bamboo. It is soothing, creates peaceful energy and adds to tranquility. The bamboo is a tolerant plant that will bring a soothing effect to your home or office.

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