Friday the 13th Euromillions

Friday the 13th may not be as cursed as once thought

One EuroMillions player was lucky enough to match the winning numbers from Friday the 13th draw and he will take home the entire 109 million Euros jackpot. This proves that Friday the 13th is not always somber and full of bad luck. The winner was Spanish, and believe it or not this is the sixth time in 2014 that a Spanish player has won or shared a EuroMillions jackpot, bringing top prize winnings for Spain to a whopping 321.1 million Euros so far this year. Do the Spanish have a secret formula or do they know something that we don’t? It would seem so.

The Euromillions Winner from Madrid

The winning Euromillions ticket was bought in Parla that is situated in Madrid. The lucky winner has not yet come forward to claim his/her prize. The jackpot however, was not the largest in the history of Euromillions but will still make the record books as the biggest prize in the history of Spanish lottery. Before this, the biggest Spanish Euromillions prize was 126.2 million Euros and it was won by an anonymous Spanish woman on the 8th of May 2009.

The winner of Friday the 13th Euromillions jackpot

The winner of Friday the 13th jackpot was not the only player to prove that the day is not cursed. Three players from across Europe, as well as another Spanish player, who matched all five numbers and one lucky star secured a second tier prize worth 700, 752 Euros. There were another 4.4 million other ticket holders who also won prizes worth 3.90 Euros for matching the first two numbers.

Yes, the date has left humanity with superstition and fearful thoughts, but like any other day, Friday the 13th is what you make of it. It has the potential to be a very bad day or the best day of your life. I am sure that the Spanish player who won the Euromillions jackpot had no idea that the “cursed” day would never again be that. Friday the 13th will forever be the BEST day of his/her life.

Don’t look for excuses. Everyday holds potential for beauty.

Happy betting!

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