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Here you have all the information to help you win the UK National Lottery, one of the richest national lotteries currently running. These are answers to UK Lotto FAQ, all available on one page.

Where is the UK Lotto draw held?

In the United Kingdom

When are the draws held?

Wednesdays and Saturdays

What is the ticket purchase cut-off time?

16:00 or 17:00 GMT (allowing for UK daylight savings time)

Biggest UK Lotto ever won?

£ 42 million

Is there a rollover limit?

The rollover limit is 4 times consecutively. If the jackpot is not won after the fourth rollover, the prize rolls down to the 2nd tier.

How to play UK Lotto

A total of 7 numbers are drawn, of which 6 are main numbers and 1 ball is the BONUS number.

• Select six numbers between 1 and 49

• Six main numbers are drawn, then an additional BONUS number is drawn

• Six correct main numbers on one lottery ticket selection wins the Jackpot

• Five correct numbers and a correct BONUS number may win the next highest prize

• At least three correct main numbers wins a smaller prize

• The BONUS number is also used to determine winners in the 2nd tier

What are the odds of winning a UK Lotto prize?

UK Lotto players have an excellent 1 in 54 chance of winning a prize. Pretty good odds!

Winnings are divided between winners if more than 1 ticket with the correct numbers is presented. Make sure that you claim your winnings within 180 days after the draw. If you don’t claim your prize in the specified time, the proceeds will be distributed through the National Lottery Distribution Fund to selected Good Causes.

The only thing left for you to do is to play and the sooner you play, the sooner you may be the next overnight millionaire.

All lotteries are operated by Huge Lottos and are subject to the terms and conditions on their web site. Any information on this site can change anytime and without notice. Please make sure you are up to date with any restrictions that may apply.

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