Invest in a Lotto Dream

Indulge in a lotto ticket

You’ve to save for a rainy day.  You know it’s important to have a nest egg.  You try your level best to put a little something aside each month.  It’s the responsible thing to do and you’re always careful when it comes to finances.  You live a frugal lifestyle – you eat in, grow your own veggies, religiously squeeze out the last bit of tooth paste from the tube and have the geyser on a timer.

You allow yourself only one indulgence and that’s the lotto ticket you buy each week.  You consider it an investment in your future.  You love the fact that a ticket is affordable and that you can budget for it easily.  You’re still in control of your expenditure and it makes you feel good to know that by purchasing a lotto ticket you also indirectly donate to worthy causes.  Your lotto purchase makes a difference where it matters most.

Score a flight of imagination

You also consider your lotto ticket a wise purchase because it gives you something to look forward to.  It allows your imagination to roam free and gives you the right to dream.  Life is mundane and boring and you sometimes feel like you just exist from one paycheck to the other.  Nothing exciting ever happens to you. It’s always the same old say so.  You get up in the mornings, go to work and come home to catch some sleep before the routine repeats itself the next day.

When you buy your lotto ticket, excitement and anticipation course through your body and you find yourself smiling at everyone.  You’ve a spring in your step and a blush on your cheeks.  You feel like you’ve got this incredible secret no one else knows about and that your life’s about to change big time.

Enjoy the feeling and don’t deny yourself happy thoughts.  Your dream may very well come true and you may just find yourself the lucky winner of the lotto millions.

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