Leader or follower – your brain has the last say

Are you a Leader or Follower?

What causes a person to become either a leader or follower? Is your brain programmed for leadership? Are people born leaders or can leadership skills be learned? A true leader is someone who can relate to people, communicate well on all levels and have excellent problem solving skills. True leaders have an advanced survival instinct and are able to find creative solutions.

Leader or Follower #1: Reflective Intelligence

Reflective Intelligence is an element in the brain and empowers leadership qualities. Natural leaders are naturally reflective. In other words, they have the ability to employ methods of foresight in their thoughts and actions.

How does Reflective Intelligence work in the human brain?

Reflection is the ability to consciously manipulate information in order to process and visualise options prior to making decisions and taking action. Reflective intelligence allows us to use existing knowledge in applying that to new problems. We are able to work through a problem in our minds with the prior knowledge we have, applying that knowledge to new problems in order to work towards a solution.

Leader or Follower #2: Nurture Reflective Intelligence

All human beings sport some level of Reflective Intelligence, but where some people find the ability to apply reflective thinking naturally, others have to consciously train themselves to be able to this. An excellent way to provoke critical and creative thinking in your brain, is to actively engage in critical thought and analysis. This will enable you to detect relationships between objects, thoughts and actions, resulting in a higher level of understanding and problem solving abilities.

Leader or Follower #3: Second Nature Reflective Intelligence

Reflective Intelligence, as a leadership quality will become second nature in time. Make a point of using your creative skills on a daily basis. Try solving riddles, try to find answers to questions and reflect about future implications of your decisions. It’s like a chess game, think a few moves ahead. In doing this, your reflective intelligence abilities will become second nature.

Ref: http://www.lifehack.org/417740/this-important-element-in-you-brain-decides-if-youre-a-leader-or-a-follower


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