Look out for Lottery Scams

Don’t fall victim to lottery scams

Residents in the United Kingdom have been warned about a so called Postcode lottery scam. The scam informs potential victims that they have won a staggering amount of money. A Runcorn pensioner brought the scam to light when he opened a letter from the People’s Postcode Lottery. The letter informed him that he had won 825, 000 Euros.

Because the pensioner was smart he immediately knew that something was out of place. The reason for his suspicion was the processing fee that he was asked to pay as well as the fact that the letter asked him to provide his bank details so that the money could be paid to him. Another reason for his suspicion was the fact that he had never and still does not play the Lottery in any form. The pensioner reported the scam to the Police as well his local Trading Standards office.

According to the pensioner who could just as well have been anybody else that could have fallen victim to these lottery scammers, the letter looked very genuine as it contained a London address and stated that he had been selected from a group of well over three million people to win the 825,000 Euro prize. Even though the People’s Postcode Lottery does exist, Trading Standards have been quick to advise that the lottery never sends out letters to in order to tell players that they have won. What they do is inform people via email or telephone.

Sadly this is not the only incident in which the People’s Postcode Lottery name has been used in a scam this year. A few months ago, a telephone based scam was in operation in which members of the public were called and persuaded to give out sensitive information.

Scammers are everywhere and they are extremely persuasive. They know what the basic human earns in a year and they use this to their advantage. My advice is simple. If it sounds too good to be true – it most probably is.

Happy betting!

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