Lost lotto ticket tragedy

The  £3 million Lost lotto ticket tragedy

A young couple that lost their winning lotto ticket also missed out on their  £3 million lotto ticket fortune. The couple described the ordeal as being the “cruelest torture imaginable”.

This year would have marked their first wedding anniversary, but what should have been a joyous time in their lives, turned out being the worse time of their lives. Martyn and Kay Tott told how their astonishingly bad luck had ended their dreams, left them devastated and put a strain on their marriage.

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After hearing a TV appeal about the unclaimed jackpot and recognizing the numbers as their own, they had turned their flat upside down looking for the ticket – without success.

Lottery official investigated their claims over a period of time and found it to be genuine. They could however not make an exception as a winner’s ticket has to accompany him or her when they receive their winnings.

Mrs Tott is  a 24-year-old receptionist from Watford. She had the following to say. “Thinking you’re going to have all that money is really liberating. Having it taken away has the opposite effect. It drains the life from you and puts a terrible strain on your marriage. It was the cruel torture imaginable.”

Her husband who is 33 years old had been dreaming of leaving his job and buying a house big enough to start a family.

Instead, he has to face continuing with the daily grind, with the couple on a joint income of £34,000.

“Going to work is hard now, however much you like your job, you can’t help thinking – If I had £3million in my hand, I wouldn’t have to be here”. I have spent the last seven weeks at work staring at my screen. People have noticed there is something wrong. At least the secret is out now and people will understand.”

The £3,011,065 prize is the largest unclaimed amount since the lottery began in 1994. It will now be given away to good causes.

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