Lottery averages

Lottery averages and Winnings

The majority of lotto players know that the chance of winning any prize in the UK lottery are more or less 1 in every 54 and the chance of doing the same in the Euromillions are more or less 1 in every 13. Thing is – we cannot expect the averages to be the same for each and every single lotto player. Some players will win more than others. Say there was a man called Mr. Average, and he experienced lottery averages exactly as stated and on time, the following would be true . . .

Lottery Odds of Winning

If he bought one lottery ticket for every Saturday draw he would win a prize every year. One prize a year is not bad at all if he eventually wins the big one.

If he purchased one lotto ticket for every Wednesday and Saturday draw he would win a prize every 54 draws. That is almost two prizes a year.

Now, if our imaginary friend was to enter a single line of numbers for the Lotto plus 5, he would win every 54 days.

Shifting over to the EuroMillions game – if our imaginary friend was to play a single line of numbers in just one draw, each week then Mr. Average would win four prizes every year.

If Mr. Average played his numbers in both the Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions games, then he would win a prize once every seven weeks or so, which would be around eight prizes per year.

We know that Mr. Average does not exist and of course, no player can reasonably expect the lottery averages to go this smoothly and with this level of precision in practice. However the expectations outlined here should illustrate that playing lottery games regularly is the best way of maximizing the odds of winning prizes. It should also go without saying that if you play more than one line of numbers for each game, your chance of winning will increase!

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