Lottery Wins: Great Ideas for Spending

Spending Your Lottery Money

For lottery winners – spending money is no problem at all. They normally enjoy the thrill of buying everything and anything that they want however some lottery winners have so much money that they have no idea what to spend it all on. I have come up with a few fun ways in which you can spend your money.

1. Charity – ok so you never thought of giving away money. Well, you don’t need to do that. Instead of giving money to a charity, fund your own charitable organization. Build a school, or start a soup kitchen. Be creative. It will also make you feel like a million dollars.

2. Explore the world – To travel is something that most lottery winners do. But I am referring to something a bit different than jumping on a cruise ship. Why not go on a personal exploration in the Amazon or something else that is really extreme, like holing yourself up in a log cabin for a few months in the American wilderness.

3. Be Creative – Write a book. Form a rock band or become an artist. If you won the jackpot, you can leave your day job and do something that you have always wanted to do! If you are any good, you could make money by living out your passions.

Even though you do not have to be a jackpot winner in order to do the things that I have listed above – it is a good way for millionaires to get an idea of what they want to do with their winnings! Life is full of so many unexpected and wonderful things that a lot of us will never be able to experience. Put your money to good use.

At the end of your life, you will be more disappointed in the things that you did not do than in those that you did.

Happy betting!

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