Lottery Wins and the Law of attraction

Law of attraction

The theory of the law of attraction has become very popular even though it makes no scientific sense. The base of the theory is that people can learn how to attract more attractive conditions into their lives just by believing that better things will happen. Does this apply to the lottery as well?

The skeptics say definitely not. Lottery games are games of chance and whether we win something or not is a matter of luck and random coincidence. I believe that to be true however I don’t think there is any harm is putting the theory of the law of attraction to the test.

Follow these steps to participate in a law of attraction experiment – come on its fun:

•Sit down, get comfy and close your eyes. Visualize yourself going into the shop, filling out a lotto playslip and buying the lotto ticket.

• Ok, now go out and do exactly what you just visualized.

• When you arrive back home put your ticket in a safe place, sit down, get comfy and close your eyes again. Imagine watching the draw and seeing your numbers coming out one by one. You have to feel the excitement building up as you realize that all of your dreams have just come true.

• The last step is the difficult one. You have to develop the feeling that your win is for sure, and that all you have to do is wait for your numbers to be drawn exactly as you imagined on the day of the draw.

Law of Attraction proponents say that if you are sure that you have won, and believe this with no doubt in your mind that you will attract the win into your life.

Does the Law of Attraction work?  I don’t know, but it is worth a shot, don’t you think?

Happy betting!

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