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Daydream about winning the UK Lottery lotto

UK Lottery players like to buy into the dream of winning big on the lotto jackpot and having more millions that they care to count.  Many players will tell you that they don’t mind playing long odds because to them it’s all about investing in a dream.  Daydreams are good for us and keep our spirits up in adverse times.

The ability to daydream, the ability to remember the past and imagine the future, is a skill we shouldn’t take for granted.  Daydreams enhance creative ‘eureka’-moments when our thought processes turn to finding solutions for problems.  We daydream to escape from a boring, mundane lifestyle or to seek reprieve from a time-consuming and demanding task, thus allowing our brains to take a break.  Daydreams may even lead to valuable insights or sudden connections.

Daydreams are good for you.  Having your head in the clouds or drifting off to la-la land can enhance your sense of well-being and happiness and afford you the chance to connect with your inner being and reflect on the world.  Daydreams allow you to visualize the future and explore possibilities without any risk.  You can be safely seated on the couch in front of the telly but your mind can be wandering to all kinds of exciting places.

Want to know how it feels like to win the lotto?  Imagine it!  This type of escapism is priceless and you can indulge in it as often as you like.  This mini movie theatre living in your mind can bring you endless hours of joy and fun.  Daydreams cost nothing and are a powerful weapon against a crappy world.  Do you eke out a miserable existence wherein you’re swamped with bills and never-ending responsibilities?  Take a break.  Buy a lotto ticket and allow your imagination to run wild.

Win the lotto millions in your mind and depart on a flight of fancy this world has yet to see!  Lose yourself in a powerful daydream and go nuts spending those marvelous lotto millions. Dreams have been known to sometimes turn into reality.  You may just be lucky and win the lotto in real life!

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