Lotto games and dreams

Play Lotto Games and Live Your  Dreams!

Lotto is a synonym for the word dream. I am not talking about the dreams that we have when we go to sleep at night. I am talking about daydream. Lottery games are the fuel for those daydreams – quite frankly, I don’t think that anybody has a daydream in which they are not rich.

When we daydream about what our lives would be like if we won the lotto, the dreams will be about endless possibilities rather than everyday problems. We do not daydream about our work or home problems we daydream about a better life, far from where we are now. However, there are lottery winners who have allowed fame and fortune to be their downfall. Whatever the case may be, daydreaming about a brighter future is very beneficial.

Our stress levels can be reduced by simply having optimistic thoughts about the future. You may feel that you are overworked as well as underpaid. Instead of thinking about how unfair it is – look forward to the day that you win the jackpot. On that day you can get up and go, leaving the situation for good. Concentrate on that thought. Also, if you are a stay at home mommy – like me – in the school holidays with a bunch of noisy kids to take care of, looking forward to the day when you can laze on a pure white beach, somewhere far, far away in a tropical paradise with a cocktail in your hand can make the current situation seem a little less hectic.

Lastly, to daydream about being a jackpot winner often makes us aware that we want to do something to benefit society as well as ourselves. Like those unconscious personal ambitions mentioned a moment ago, when we realize that we would really like to help a certain charity or community, we can begin doing so, albeit in a smaller way than we would probably be able to after a life-changing win.

We all strive towards something – focus on what and where you want to be in 10 years from now. With that said – keep playing the lotto, otherwise your daydreams are nothing more than just that.

Happy betting!

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