Lotto Jackpot Winner with ONE Lotto Ticket

Lotto ticket and silver platters

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings because you can’t muster enthusiasm for the boring, uneventful day ahead?  It seems like the whole world is rushing around like mad and you’re the only one standing on the sideline, idly watching life goes by.  The only bright spot in your life is the lotto ticket in your pocket.

Others call you names such as ‘foot-dragger’ and ‘slowcoach’ but you don’t care.  You’ve got a feeling…  Your gut is telling you that your luck is about to change.  You’re not meant to eke out a most meager living, barely surviving from day to day.  You’re meant for great things.  You’re different than the rest.  Your lotto ticket is about to hand you a brand new life on a silver platter.

Lotto ticket and VIP-lists

The thought of spending your day doing an 8-to-5 stint cooped up in an office somewhere doesn’t sit well with you.  You’re born to while away your days lazing around on a luxurious yacht anchored somewhere in the Mediterranean.  You’re destined to rub shoulders with tycoons and enjoy cocktails with magnates.  You’re intended to be the number one guest when the uber-rich draw up VIP invitation lists for a bling get-together in Monaco.

For now, though, you’re crashing on a friend of a friend’s couch.  The only list that bears your name is the blacklist – your history of accumulating bad debt is legendary!   Your family runs a mile when you call on them.  You’re the proverbial social outcast.  So what?  There’s this little voice in the back of your head that insists something great is about to happen.  The lotto ticket is burning a hole in your pocket.

Lotto ticket and millions

Let others laugh and scorn all they like.  You know there are tremendous benefits to being a laggard.  You’ve time on your side.  You can study the rich from afar so that when your day comes and your lotto ticket’s kissed by Lady Luck, you’ll ease comfortably into their lavish lifestyles. You can plan ahead how you’ll invest your money. You won’t be caught unawares.  You’ll be ready when your lotto ticket wins you millions and you finally take up the life you’ve been born to.

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