Lotto Jackpot Winners spending Lotto Millions

Shop till you drop

Many lotto jackpot winners go on the mother of all spending sprees as soon as the money hits their bank accounts and they can do whatever they want with it… and why not? It’s theirs and they may spend it at will and buy whatever strikes their fancy.

Imagine joining the ranks of lotto jackpot winners and drawing up a shopping list that’s to die for. You could hire a private jet to whisk you off to some exotic shopping destination and shop till you drop. Remember to take an entourage with to help carry all the shopping bags. In the unlikely event of running out of shopping ideas, kindly enlist the help of a professional shopper. Whatever you do, promise to spare a thought for all the hopeful lotto punters out there who are still waiting for their lucky win.

Have a shopping list ready

Each and every time you invest in a lottery ticket you stand a chance to win big. It makes sense to be prepared for just such an occasion. If you plan on spoiling yourself when you win the lotto, draw up a shopping list and keep it in a safe place. This will help you to stay focus and not spend indiscriminately when you get the opportunity to hit the shops as a lotto jackpot winner.

Many lotto jackpot winners splurge their winnings on new mansions, sports cars, designer clothes, jewellery, and exotic holidays. Good for them! You may decide to be a bit more careful with your money and only make small, conservative changes to your lifestyle, like paying off your bond and setting up a college fund for the kids.

If you win the lotto, be sure to tell the world how it feels to spend, spend, spend!

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