Lotto keeps hopes and dreams alive

How Lotto keeps hopes and dreams alive

We need to dream and nurture hope in order to keep on going no matter what.  A lottery ticket keeps dreams and hope alive. 

Daydreams on sale

Each time you participate in a game of chance such as the lotto, you buy yourself the right to actively engage in a bit of daydreaming.  In effect, by investing in a lotto ticket, you give yourself explicit permission to indulge in a flight of fancy.

Humans have a natural tendency to fantasize.  Forays into escapism are accompanied by a heightened sense of guilty pleasure.  That’s why you feel good when you buy a lottery ticket.  We like to dream and nurture feelings of hope.  It strengthens our faith and confidence that something better and more exciting is waiting for us just beyond the horizon. It keeps us going no matter what.

Unfortunately, the harsh and unforgiving world we live in frown upon what is perceived as foolish dreams and holding on to false hope.  Subsequently, we feel silly and unproductive when we waste time giving wings to our imagination.  Reality squashes hopes and dreams flat out.  We are discouraged from harboring expectations.

A welcome breather from reality

When you buy a lotto ticket, you actually give yourself a breather from reality.  You purchase a valid excuse to anticipate a better life.  You allow yourself some optimism and a belief that your ordinary life can actually be transformed into something magically and beautiful.

With your lotto ticket comes the real probability that your hopes and dreams may come true.  It doesn’t matter what the odds are – you know someone has to win all those lotto millions. That someone can just as well be you.

Thousands of ordinary, run-of-the-mill people have invested in a lotto ticket and have won big.  They bought themselves the right to dream and hold on to hope, and their investment paid off – they were rewarded with huge lotto winnings.  A lotto ticket keeps hopes and dreams alive!

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