Lotto Millionaire – How to Spot One

How to spot a Lotto Millionaire

Ok, we all know that winning the jackpot will make you an instant millionaire. But have you ever thought about this? There are so many people winning jackpot prizes in the Mega Millions as well as the Euromillions and Powerball, surely you might know someone who is a secret millionaire. These are people who win the lotto but do not change much. You might just think that they were promoted because they buy new cars and renovate their homes. There could actually be one of these secret millionaires living in your area.

Statistics show that 1 in 23,500 grown-ups in the United Kingdom are lottery millionaires. Obviously all of these millionaires are not spread evenly across the country – but if they were we would find about 19 lottery jackpot winners living in Manchester, 191 in Edinburgh and 320 in London.

So, how do you spot a  secret lotto millionaire?

  1. Flashy Cars
  2. Home Improvements
  3. Garden Parties

Okay, so the above pointers probably won’t allow you to identify the secret millionaires that are living in your area, but there is a sensible point we can get from all of this: If you win the lottery and you want to keep quiet about it, be careful to avoid flaunting your wealth in obvious ways. However, people who did not become rich overnight do not just buy new and expensive cars and renovate and rebuild their houses. I say that this is a sure sign of identifying the secret lotto millionaire.

If you win the lotto and want to stay anonymous – think about these 3 points. If you go around flaunting your new found wealth you are going to get unwanted publicity. That is just how the world works.

Happy betting!

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