Lotto Scrooge vs Lotto Masochist

Are you a Lotto Scrooge or a Lotto Masochist?

Flashing cash is so yesterday

Most lotto jackpot winners can’t wait to spend their loot on huge mansions, super-sexy wheels, eye-watering expensive haute couture, and lots and lots of bling.  Granted, if a humongous lotto windfall settles in your lap, rushing out to buy a cherry red Ferrari seems like the next logical step.  There’s no use in having millions in the bank and not spending it.  It’s human nature to show off – and the bigger the mansion, the bigger the envy from poorer mortals.

Flash-in-the-pan Riches

What if you’re a flash-in-the-pan millionaire whose mind is wired a bit differently than the rest of us greedy souls?  You yawn at the thought of buying a luxurious cliff-top villa, and outright scorn the idea of traipsing around in diamond-studded high heels.  No swinging-from-the-chandeliers celebrations for you, thank you.  It’s just not your style.  For you, flashing cash is so yesterday…

You don’t share the mindset of most lotto jackpot winners.  Your blasé attitude towards owing copious amounts of lovely lotto millions is quite baffling to the rest of us who would happily trade our incisors for a few extra bucks at month-end.  Let’s agree to disagree.  It’s a question of ‘to each his own’ – it’s your money and you can hoard it like Scrooge or spend it like crazy.

Here’s how to spend jackpot money like a scrooge:

  • Opt to receive your winnings in monthly payments.
  • Re-paint your house and re-upholster the sofa.
  • Overhaul your car’s engine and get new tyres fitted.
  • Order-in a pizza once a week.

Yawn…Get a life!

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