Lotto Superstition and Luck

Lotto Superstition: Hocus Pocus and Mumbo Jumbo 

Call it superstition, old wives’ tales, urban legends or folklore – a surprising number of ordinary people swore by all kinds of weird beliefs and strange notions.  In this modern day and age people still remain firmly in the grips of superstition.  Dr. Donald Dossey, a phobia specialist, reckons there may be up to 21 million Americans that are afflicted by irrational beliefs.  People put their hopes on lucky charms and all kinds of other hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo practices to ward off the evil one.

Just look at your average lotto player.  Many blow on their tickets for luck.  Some swear that their lotto numbers are lucky, special or even magical in some way.  Others will only buy their tickets at a certain lotto ticket vendor.  Many entertain little rituals like only buying their tickets on certain days of the week or munching on peanuts and reasons wearing their favorite pair of shorts while the draw takes place.

Lotto Superstition: Friday the 13th

Paraskevidekatriaphobics are people that suffer from a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th.  The origin of this fear is cloaked in speculations and theories.  Many people belief Friday the 13th is cursed and a source of ill fortune and will purposely refrain from doing anything significant on said day.

48-Year old Nigel Willett, a pub landlord from Bedwas, South Wales, bought lotto tickets for £20 in the local Tesco on Friday the 13th and won a cool £1 million in the draw.  Friday the 13th sure turned out to be a blessing for Willett!

These lotto superstitions may bring a lotto player good luck

  • Russians believe that bird poop brings good fortune.  Have a bird poop on your lotto ticket next time you buy one.
  • Cross your fingers for good luck when you buy a ticket.
  • Hang a horseshoe on a doorknob with its ends pointing upwards.
  • Blow on your ticket and wish upon a star.
  • Gobble up a four-leaf clover for good luck when you pick your numbers.

Stop!  Don’t get carried away by superstition.  Just buy your ticket and get it over with.  Your ticket affords you the chance to win millions and make your own fortune.

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