Lotto Superstitions

Lotto Superstitions

Lottery superstitions – these superstitions are irrational but persistent beliefs and habits that just keep following us when we come to play Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions, SuperEna or any other lottery game.

Even though we are well aware of the fact that lotto games are games of chance, we still do things that we think or believe will help us win the lotto, or at least give us some added luck. Listed below are some of the most common lottery superstitions.

1. My lucky lotto shop – A lot of lotto players are superstitious about the shops that they choose to buy their lotto tickets from. Players who are not superstitious simply go to the nearest retailer to buy their lotto tickets. You may think that the idea of having a “lucky lotto shop” is a bit unusual, but whenever the media report that a jackpot-winning ticket was bought from a particular store.

2. My lucky lottery numbers – Due to the fact that lottery games are played with numbers, many people use lucky numbers when they pick their combinations. Some use birthdays or anniversary dates whilst others just use ages of people they love. Some people have one number that they enter every single week on every single combination.

3. Those lucky number dreams – Gamblers pay a lot of attention to dreams where numbers are involved. They would not read anything into other dreams, but lotto dreams are different for some reason. Of course, the act of buying a ticket immediately improves our chance of winning. However if you win the lottery after dreaming about it be sure to give credit to the dream rather than pure random coincidence.

No matter what your beliefs or how you play the game – we all have a little bit of superstition in us. The main goal is to play as much as possible. I refuse to believe that I will never win the lottery – that is my superstition. I believe that if I keep playing every single week – the jackpot is bound to come my way.

Happy betting!

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