Lotto Winner Selfie

Share your life experiences

Selfies have changed the way we document our experiences. We happily snap pics of ourselves in all kinds of situations and share it with the world. Instantly. “Hey world, check this out – I’m straddling an alligator! See?” or “Hey world, check this out – I’m peeling the potato George Clooney’s having for lunch! See?”

The selfie is here to stay. We’re obsessed with sharing what we’re up to with friends, families and even strangers. The act of taking a selfie and sharing it on social media has become a way of allowing others to ‘be there’ with us and to experience what we experience… and yes, we do like to boast a bit. “Hey world, eat your heart out! Look at me – I’m living it up in the Bahamas!”

No one’s indifferent to selfies. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. If you like letting the world in on what’s going on in your life at every given moment, keep on snapping. Most selfie-takers seem to be on a quest to capture and share the most awesome, jaw-dropping moment ever on this green earth of ours. “Hey world, my moment is better than yours!”

Snap your lotto winning moment

Many lotto punters would give their eyeteeth to take a selfie to document a lotto jackpot win. Buy your lotto ticket today and keep your camera close – you may just need it sooner than you think!

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