Which Lotto Winner are you?

Lotto Winner Types

He pages through the newspaper whilst eating his lunch alone in his little office cubicle. He bites into his egg and mayo sandwich, chews 38 times and turns the page. He spots the article announcing the winning lotto numbers. Next, he carefully wipes his mouth and fingers with a napkin. He reaches for his wallet and extracts his lotto ticket from the back of his wallet.

One by one he compares the numbers. He takes his pen and decides to circle numbers on his ticket that correlate with the winning numbers. He sits back in his chair and stares … all his numbers are circled.

The Quiet Lotto Winner

He carefully picks up his lotto ticket and puts it back in his wallet. He checks his watch and notices that his lunch hour is over. He folds the newspaper neatly and places it at right angles to his desk, picks up a file from his IN box and starts working …

The Extravagant Lotto Winner

He jumps up and yells at the top of his voice, grabs the newspaper and flings it in the air. He kicks over his chair, grabs his backpack and runs down the corridor, yelling, laughing and waving around his lotto ticket.

The Paranoid Lotto Winner

He covers his ticket with his hands, folds it over and tucks it safely away in his jacket pocket. He immediately starts worrying about the taxes he may have to pay, how he will hide his good fortune from gold diggers and how everyone he knows will ask him for a loan.

The Sharing Lotto Winner

He runs out of his office and invites everyone for a drink after work, phones his girlfriend and tells her to meet him at the local car dealer – he’s buying her a car. He carries on with phone calls all afternoon …

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