Lotto Winner’s Bucket List

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First times rock

There’s a first time for everything.  Nothing beats the excitement and thrill of anticipating a brand new experience.  We all cherish precious memories of various instances throughout our lives when we happened to experience something for the very first time.  Who can forget the priceless “I’m rich”- feeling that comes with a first paycheck?  What about the heady “I love this person”-feeling when you sign the marriage register?

A short trip down memory lane… do you still remember the ‘first time’ you:

  • Rode a bike on your own?
  • Achieved 100% on a test?
  • Attended the prom with your sweetheart?
  • Obtained your driver’s license?
  • Got behind the wheel of your own car?
  • Finally graduated from high school and / or college?
  • Moved into your own place?
  • Got married to your sweetheart?
  • Held your firstborn directly after birth? 

If you play the lotto, you may very well become one of the lucky folks who’ve the following ‘first time’ memories to cherish: 

  • Realizing your ticket numbers are the lucky numbers
  • The lotto millions have been deposited in your bank account
  • Telling your family and friends you’re a lotto multi-millionaire
  • Buying a brand new sports car or two
  • Buying a marvelous seaside mansion or two
  • Buying designer clothes and accessories
  • Giving hefty donations to charity
  • Going on a no-expenses-spared trip around the world
  • Paying for your kids’ college tuition upfront in cash

If I were to win the lotto, I’d definitely like to tick the following ‘first times’ off my bucket list:

  • Sponsor a lab that does cancer research
  • Set up a bursary scheme for underprivileged students
  • Buy my own sports team
  • Tour Italy on the back of a custom-built Harley
  • Donate to the ‘Save the Rhino’-campaign
  • Have tea with J.K. Rowlings and discuss her Harry Potter-series

A lotto ticket gives you the right to dream big.  Money paves the way for experiencing ‘first times’ others would give their eye teeth for.  Draw up a bucket list today.  Buy a lotto ticket and you may very well be ticking off the items on your list before you even know it.

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