What makes you truly exceptionally wealthy

What makes you truly exceptionally wealthy

A survey that was recently conducted across the whole of Europe has indicated that people from across countries perceive wealth very differently.  How much would it take for you to be able to call yourself exceptionally wealthy? A lot of people seem to think that a Private Jet is the ultimate status symbol that says exceptionally wealthy and, if you think that a car is a good way of showing off your status, then all of the countries agree that an Aston Martin or Ferrari is necessary; however if you are not going somewhere in your private jet, you have to at least be going First Class.

Jewelry and Clothing for the Exceptionally Wealthy

70 percent of people in Portugal said that they would need to win more than 25million Euros to actually feel rich, and they would expect a wealthy lotto winner to wear expensive jewelry, and have a personal shopper and staff, to prove it. Couture clothing and expensive jewelry is a sure sign of wealth.

Swimming Pools

The British see swimming pools and staff as the outward signs of being exceptionally wealthy, and people from Austria feel that a big house is the thing needed to show off your riches. They also feel that a personal shopper and some expensive jewelry are in order.

What is Your Idea of a Status Symbol?

I personally think that you yourself are the status symbol of your wealth. It is in the way that a wealthy person carries him/herself that gives it away. You will see it in the way that they walk and in the way that they talk. It’s almost like exceptionally wealthy people tend to look and talk like aliens, like they are from their own little planet.

Whatever you see as a status symbol – make sure that, that is the first thing you get when you win the jackpot. You too could be part of this elite group the world calls exceptionally wealthy.

Happy betting!

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