Mega Yachts for MegaMillions Millionaires

Mega Yachts for MegaMillions Millionaires

Winning the MegaMillions jackpot may just make your dream of owning your own yacht come true. Do you want to be the proud owner of one of these classic mega yachts?

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Megamillions Missiles and subs

Billionaires are known for their lavish lifestyles.  They own magnificent mansions, drive uber-luxurious vehicles and sport designer clothes and breathtaking bling. Private jets and islands, diamonds, vacations, the latest tech gadgets… you name it, they’ve it all and they’re quite blasé about it as well.

The latest ‘simply-must-have’ in the world of billionaires is yachts.  Not just any old luxury vessel but fully-staffed, fully-equipped, custom built expedition yachts which come with eye watering price tags of close to half a billion rand – give or take a million or two, of course. These sleek and sexy mega yachts come with onboard infinity pools, Jacuzzi’s, baby grand Steinway pianos, heli-pads, missile defense systems and… wait for it … submarines!

The Beatles and shipwrecks

No self-respecting billionaire yacht owner wants to be seen without a submersible.  These mini-subs sell for approximately $1.5 million to $4.2 million – contingent on their underwater range and size.  Aesthetically pleasing, these luxury subs are air-conditioned and come with a sound system.  Imagine, billionaires and their distinguished guests listening to the Beatles or Justin Bieber while they enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean floor and explore sunken shipwrecks!

Billionaires and their TVs

The best interior designers the world has to offer vie for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to decorate a yacht belonging to a billionaire. Superyacht designer Ken Freivokh’s, in a Business Insider article, quotes some seafaring clients as follow: ‘I want a big boat with a big saloon and a very big TV”.  Hmm … me too, please!

Buy a MegaMillions ticket now

Buy your MegaMillions lottery ticket now and stand a chance to win jackpot millions.  Maybe you can charter a luxury yacht such as Fraser Yachts’ Solandge for a mere $1,365,800 per week.

Go ahead, buy your MegaMillions lottery ticket right now and you may be finding your sea legs sooner than you think!  Imagine the sheer opulence of sipping cocktails at sunset while you watch dolphins frolic next to your yacht …

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