One Ticket is what you need

You Only Need One Ticket to Win Big

You may think that you need to buy hundreds or thousands of lotto tickets to win something, but it’s good to remember that you actually need only one ticket to win big or to win the lotto. After all, it doesn’t depend on the amount of tickets you have, but on the numbers you have chosen. It’s also a lot more budget friendly to buy one ticket for every lotto draw. This means that you don’t need to break the bank or worry about having busted your budget if you don’t win anything for that specific draw. Just think of everything you would be able to do if your one ticket is the winning ticket!

Your Lotto Numbers

Perhaps, rather than worrying about how many tickets you should buy for every draw, you could rather focus on one ticket’s numbers at a time. For instance, if you have always bought quick pick tickets – or let the system choose numbers for you – you can try choosing your own numbers when you go to buy your lotto ticket(s).

One way to choose numbers for your one ticket – or however many you decide on buying in the end – is to use numbers which have a sentimental meaning for you. For instance, you can use birthdays, anniversaries, other dates or simply numbers you feel are your lucky numbers. All you need to do then, whether you are buying one ticket or many lotto tickets, is to use different combinations of these numbers to fill the amount of numbers you need to complete the lotto ticket.

Also remember that, if you spread out the number of tickets you buy in a month – for instance playing one ticket every time – you can play throughout the month instead of simply playing once a month. After all, playing the lotto should be fun and playing it shouldn’t bite into your budget or take over your life.


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