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Australian Powerball

Many people in the Land Down Under choose Australian Powerball when playing lotto. Due to this fact, Powerball has become very popular in the country. There are huge cash prizes at stake in every single draw so people are patronizing this. Besides the fact that there are awesome cash prizes to be won – the game is also very easy to play and the rules are uncomplicated.  If you want to play the game – you just have to bet. It’s literally as easy as that.

How to play Australian Powerball

Powerball is played in all parts of Australia. Lotterywest operates Powerball in the western parts of the country and Golden Casket lotteries manages the game in the kingdom of Wales. Lastly – South Australia Lotteries Commission manages the game in the south of South Australia. Australian Powerball can be played from anywhere in Australia.

Think about the next FACT for a second. The minimum cash prize that you can win in the Australian Powerball is more or less 33 million Australian dollars. This is the initial pay for each draw and it increases in the succeeding draws if there is no winner. However, if someone won for a particular game, the cash prize will return to this initial amount in the next draw.

Australian Powerball Game rules

  1.  You need to choose 5 numbers ranging from 1 – 45.
  2. You have to choose 1 number from another set of 45 numbers.
  3. Now – pay your bet.

It is not difficult to win in the Australian Powerball. There are two ways to win.  You have to win three of your regular numbers with the numbers that are drawn in the game, or match two numbers plus the Powerball number.

If you cannot present a ticket showing the winning numbers, you will not receive your winnings. Keep your ticket in perfect shape by putting it in a secret place where only you can find it.

Australian Powerball is tax free and your winnings will be paid out to you in one lump sum. Take a chance on life and pay your Powerball bet today. Today may be your lucky day.

Happy betting!

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