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Playing more than one lottery

There are players in the United Kingdom who focus their efforts on only one lottery game like Euromillions. However, most players in the United Kingdom play several different games. Is it better to participate in multiple lotto games with the same numbers or try different numbers for each game? There are pros and cons for both approaches.

I think that the only disadvantage of entering the same set of numbers for each game is that you will become bored. If you have a set of numbers that you have chosen due to personal reasons then it is well and good, but if you stick to the same set to the point where your participation in your chosen lottery games loses its entertainment value, then I suggest that you mix things up a little.

Entering a different set of numbers for each game played means that boredom isn’t really a problem to begin with. If you have one set of numbers for Mega Millions, another for EuroMillions and yet another for Powerball then every single game has its own distinct flavor.

I believe that the greatest disadvantage of playing different numbers for every lotto game is the bad dream scenario, where you could end up watching your EuroMillions numbers win a Lotto jackpot and fail to win yourself as much as a penny from that eventuality. Just the thought of that possibility will send shivers down the spine of most players, so I don’t even feel that it’ s necessary to look at any other disadvantages.

Which ever approach you choose when picking your numbers is mainly a matter of personal preference – however, I would rather die of boredom than lose out on a jackpot that could and probably would change my life forever.

Happy betting!

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