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Wouldn’t it be grand if you were in a position to create a better life for your loved ones and even for those less fortunate than you? Most of us would love to be in a position where we could make a real and permanent contribution to a better life for others. People frequently utter thoughts like “If only I had the money to send my child to university”, “If only I had the means to let my parents retire in comfort”, “If only I had the money to buy that little farm in the bushveld”. We all have this type of though frequently and unfortunately, most of us will follow such a thought with “Ah well, such is life.”

A Better Life or acceptance of what is …

And so we accept our fate and eventually also accept the fact that a better life is not for the likes of us. But dreams are persistent and we keep thinking “If only…” thoughts. Of course, those dreams are never going to come true because you never do something to try and make them come true.

“If you can dream it you can do it” (Walt Disney)

Yes, this is what Walt Disney told reporters at the opening of the fabulous Disney World. However, he went on to say that it is important to dream but that the dream must be followed by action. He did not dream about the Disney empire simply to get up one morning to find that it all came true! He had to work hard, take chances, ignore setbacks and focus all his efforts on making his dream come true.

If you dream about a better life you need to do something to make that dream come true.

But how?

You will need money to create that better life you dream about. You can invest all your savings in high yield shares, but that is extremely risky! You can try your luck at the casino but your chances of losing all your cash are incredibly high. Or you can take smaller chances that will not break the bank. Like entering the huge lottos on a regular basis. With entries costing from just one Dollar or Euro anyone can afford to take a chance on winning untold riches. Who knows? That better life may be waiting just around the corner.

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