Play Lotto online from anyplace now

Play Lotto Online from anywhere in the world

Where and how can you play Lotto Online? What do you need to enable regular play?

A keyboard, a screen … now you can play lotto online

If you are in the fortunate position to own a computer and have Internet connection, you are on your way to becoming a regular Lotto player online.

Of course you also need funds…and a credit card.

It does not matter where in the world you live. You are able to access the Lotto websites and have secure sections for payment from your home or holiday resort! If you don’t own a personal computer, you have Internet cafés where you can go and play, but be careful! They do not always have Internet Security and you don’t want your credit card number becoming available to hackers.

Better to go to a trusted friend or use a computer (with permission) at work, which has Internet Security. Many post offices also have public computers with good security.

So, ready, steady, go!

Flick the switch and play lotto online!

There is no better time than now. Flick the switch to turn on your computer, access the website of your choice to play Lotto Online, keep your credit card ready, choose your numbers and away you go!

Some people use a combination of birth dates for their numbers. Others use ages of children or family members. Each person believes he/she has a ‘lucky’ number which will bring the millions rolling in!

I heard once that one of the secrets to winning is to keep the same numbers for years and play only those. The chance is that you will eventually strike it lucky.

Whatever your choice of numbers…don’t wait! The game is not waiting for you.

A little blonde joke (sincere apologies to the brilliant blondes out there!)

A certain blonde lady was down on her knees each night, praying for a win in the Lotto, without success.

One evening she begged again: “Please let me win the Lotto this week!”

A voice was suddenly audible above her head:

“Do me a favour and buy a Lotto ticket?”

Well, there you have it…you will only stand a chance to win something if you buy a ticket or select your numbers online. And online is just so much easier than driving to a café or garage to purchase a ticket!

An online lottery site mentions that “there is no easier way to get rich quickly”.

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You can now play online lotto from anywhere in the world!

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