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Quick Rundown

Australia’s OZ Lotto offers 7 electrifying prize divisions.  Every Tuesday evening a total of 9 lucky numbers are drawn from 45 balls numbered 1-45.  The first 7 balls drawn represent the 7 lucky jackpot numbers – match your 7 numbers with the lucky 7 drawn and you win Division 1.  The numbers on the remaining 2 balls determine prizes in Divisions 2, 4 and 7. The odds of winning a Division 1 prize in OZ Lotto are 1 in 45,379,620.

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Keep on Playing OZ Lotto

Are you getting despondent because you’ve been playing the Lotto for ages and haven’t yet won anything?

  • In May 2014 an anonymous woman from Orange who’d been playing the exact same numbers for decades won a whopping $1 million.  The lucky woman said she always had a ‘feeling’ that she’d win big one day.  Have you such a niggling feeling?  Do you secretly hope to win big on Lotto and be catapulted to millionaire status in the blink of an eye? 
  • In March 2014 an anonymous man in his 40’s who’ve been playing the OZ Lotto for two decades finally scooped the entire Division 1 prize of $30 million.  When he realized his ticket held all the lucky numbers he reportedly started to shake uncontrollably.  The lucky winner looks forward to a ‘definite early retirement’.

Both winners mentioned above played the OZ Lotto for decades.  They persevered and never gave up.  Both winners believed in their dreams and kept on buying lotto tickets – and their perseverance paid off big time.

Why hesitate? Play the OZ Lotto today and you may be the next lucky winner.

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