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1 You can play the Enalotto Italian Lottery if you are 18 years or older

2 You can play Superenalotto even if you are not a resident from a participating country.

3 You can play Superenalotto from any part of the world, providing that the legislation of the country where you live does not prohibit online lottery ticket purchases.

4 Superena Lottery is open to all and you can play online from where you are right now!

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What are the benefits if I play Superenalotto online?

The benefits when you play Ena Lotto Italian Lottery online are:

  • You can play Superenalotto from your home or office
  • You may lose your Superena Lottery ticket that you bought at the vendor and lose any prize you might have won.
  • Very important: When you play Ena Lotto online, your Superenalotto entry is saved on the system and cannot be lost or misplaced.
  • Online Superena Lottery winners are notified by e-mail. This means that you will be able to claim your Ena Lotto prize money even if you forget to check the results.

Anyone can Play the Italian Lottery online!

In the past, only residents living in Italy were allowed to play Italian Lottery games, including the Superenalotto. Now you can play Superenalotto online from anywhere in the world. Play Superena Lottery and don’t miss the chance to be the next Italian Lottery millionaire. You can also check the results online to see how much you have won. Don’t miss out on that big prize! Play Enalotto now!

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