Powerball odds

Powerball odds of Winning

Most of you already know what the odds are of winning Powerball. However, for those players who do not know, the odds are: 1-in-54,979,155. Most of us do not know how these odds are calculated. If we open an Excel spread sheet and click on insert – function – combine and enter 45 as well as 5, the program will inform you that there are 1,221,759 ways in which 5 numbers from 45 can be combined.

Every single one of those 1,221,759 games could be combined with each of the 45 Powerball’s. There you have it – the odds of winning Powerball are:

1,221,759 x 45 or 54,979,155.

If you play every Powerball you will ensure that you have the correct Powerball. You will have reduced the odds from 54, 979,155 to 1 to 1,221,759 to 1. This isa reduction of over 50 Million. When playing Powerball, one should play 45 games, using all the Power balls, and you can get a 50-Million plus advantage in your odds.

This will reduce the odds by 97.78%

I know, the statistics drive me crazy as well and more often than never I have no idea what it is all about.

Whatever and however you decide to play – Good Luck.

Happy betting!

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