Powerball has people hoping

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Powerball has got people hoping – and dreaming

Brad Geller has only one thing in mind when it comes to winning Powerball and that is instant retirement. He bought 5 US dollars worth of Powerball tickets.

Brad Geller said, “There’d be a new boat in my future. There’d be palm trees in my future. No more snow.”

Recently, Sheetz gas station workers in Mentor said that Powerball sales were 85 US dollars. This is considered a very good amount.

Ivan Alston of Wickliffe said, “I always feel lucky. You never know. Lately, I’ve been buying it. Hopefully, I’ll get some Lady Luck on my side.”

Alston says that if he wins he will move south in the direction of Tennessee or even North Carolina. He says that he also like to play Mega Millions – but he prefers Powerball.

When asked about his strategy he said, “Spread it out — hopefully, it comes back to me.”

“I don’t play a lot … so, no.” Why not? It only takes one to win,” said Rick Brindley of Willoughby. He also said that even though he has never won anything, he will keep playing until he does. When asked what he would do with his winnings he simply said, “You know what, I have no idea. Never really thought about it.”

Sheetz employee Amber Waters, who works behind the counter was busy selling Powerball tickets. She said that she would also buy some Powerball tickets after her shift. “My family could use the money. I got a baby on the way — I would really love to not have to work.” She also said that she would give some of the money to the less fortunate.

We could all use a win right about now. Times are tough and no matter how hard we work – we just can’t get on top of everything. Powerball gives us all an equal chance of becoming rich. I would just love to wake up one morning – without having to worry about the day of tomorrow.

Happy betting!

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