How To Predict Euromillions Numbers

How to predict the future

Lotto players from all over the world would just love to know how and if one can predict the future. Just imagine looking at a live draw on television and telling everyone around you that you told them this would be outcome. Just imagine dreaming of numbers – to find out that those numbers came up in a lotto draw? But, are things truly possible?

Sorry people – no chance of that happening. The only way in which one can predict the future is to wait until it has happened. Winners who claim to remember that they dreamed the numbers use hindsight and selective memory to fools themselves into thinking that they actually predicted what was going to happen before it happened.

Euromillions Lotto Dreams

Ok, let’s consider the scenario of you dreaming that you won the lotto. A week passes and low and behold you win the lotto. You will be telling everybody that you dreamed it a week before. Things is – you have probably had a gazillion such dreams in the past that did not come true. What am I getting at? The eventual win was a coincidence, and that the dream that went before it was not prophetic at all.

The same goes for tarot card readings. The readings are very vague so you can interpret them however you like. Again, you use hindsight and selective memory to match what has happened to the predictions by the tarot card reader.

Be glad that people can’t actually predict the future – because it would put normal folk like us at a disadvantage. Being able to predict the future would also make playing the lotto’s such as Euromillions and Oz lotto less fun, as you would always know exactly what would happen. I am not saying that it wouldn’t be great to know the winning numbers in order to become instantly wealthy. I am simply saying that things are good as they are.

Happy betting!

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