Ragamuffin to UK Lotto Slicker

Ragamuffin:  Life sucks!

You invest in a UK lotto ticket hoping that, for once, the odds will be in your favor and that you’ll rake in all those luscious lotto millions. You’re sick and tired and totally fed up with barely surviving from one paycheck to the other, desperately trying to keep body and soul together.  Life is a constant uphill battle and you struggle to pay the rent and make ends meet.  You’ll give anything to have a wad of cash in your pocket to splurge on necessities you’ve been going without all your life.

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So what if you secretly harbor the desire to experience how the other half lives?  What’s wrong with wanting to treat yourself with some fineries and all kinds of nice?  You’re human and you’ve got dreams and aspirations like the rest.  It’s time Lady Luck gets her act together and smiles upon you with one heck of a toothy grin!  It’s time to blow on that lotto ticket and wish upon a star.  You can do with a cash-flushed bank account, thank you very much indeed …

UK Lotto Slicker: Life rocks!

You’ve just won the lotto jackpot and you’ve got more millions than you care to count.  Life can’t get any sweeter and your future looks all kinds of rosy.  You’ve booked yourself some spa treatments to die for and then you’re off jet setting around the world with some friends – and you’ll be picking up the tabs as you go along.  Thanks to the UK lotto!

He knows the feeling…

In November 2002, 19-year old Michael Carroll, a garbage man, won £9.7 million (then worth US$15.4 million) on the UK National Lottery.  Michael went from rags to riches and back again. He reportedly qualified for a weekly £42 Jobseeker’s allowance in 2010.  He squandered all his lotto millions living it up big time.

Go ahead and buy your UK lotto ticket today.  You may just find yourself in possession of lotto millions one of these days.  Just remember to save some for a rainy day, okay?

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