Take a SUPER Holiday on Lotto Winnings

Need a Holiday badly?

You’re heartily sick and tired of competing in the rat race and keeping up with the Joneses.  Life’s been a constant uphill battle for how long now and there’s just no letting up.  You feel like a used diaper and can’t seem to muster the strength and energy to face yet another month-long struggle just to have a measly amount (referred to as a decent living wage by your snotty boss) paid out to you at month-end.  Gosh, the money doesn’t last long… the sky-high pile of bills on your drawer can attest to it!

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You need that Holiday Break!

You’d just about give anything for a break.  In fact, you’re quite willing to trade both your incisors for a holiday somewhere in the Bahamas!  Oh, to hear the sound of waves breaking mere feet away from where you’re soaking up the sun!  To sleep in and feast on some gourmet food, to have a massage and sip on a few cocktails, to swim and dance or just do nothing but breathe…

Take heart and give yourself a prep talk.  All is not lost.  Your ship may just be about to come in big time.  Your situation is by no means unique.  Previous lotto players have also been where you’re now.  Some of them also felt like they were in dire straits with no light at the end of the tunnel.  Then the unthinkable happened.  They won on the lotto and their lives changed in the blink of an eye.  Many of them treated themselves to amazing holidays to celebrate their big win.  Play the lotto and you may just join their ranks.

Play Lotto for your next Super Holiday!

On July 4, 2014, a unanimous man from Dublin won €500,000 on a lotto scratch card.  The lucky lotto punter is quoted by Brynmor Pattison as having said: “The wife is already planning the holiday. I haven’t been on one for years and my passport had expired. I’ve the passport application all filled out and ready to go.”

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