The Best Lotto Tip Ever!

The best lotto tip ever

Here is the best lotto tip ever: enter. Are you snorting in derision? Think about it: everyone dreams of becoming fabulously rich overnight but dreams are just dreams. They will never  come true if you don’t do something, if you do not take action. Perhaps you tell yourself that the odds of winning are overwhelming small. This may be true, but remember this too: if you do not enter the odds of winning anything is a big, fat zero! Any odds higher than zero means that there is at least a chance. And your chance of winning is as big as anyone else’s.

There are many websites, books and even on-line courses that offer winning strategies and methods for choosing the best lotto numbers. There are statistics, mathematical models and tips on how to increase your chances.

Unfortunately, unless you enter the lotto no advice will be of any value. So, I’ll say it again: the best lotto tip ever is enter!

Think big

Did you know that South Africans are legally able to enter some of the biggest lotteries in the world? Yes, lotteries that pay jackpots of millions of Dollars and Euros. If you think in Rand we are talking billions. Even better, you can enter these lotteries from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or smart phone capable of accessing the internet. And you do have access to the internet otherwise you would not be able to read this! All you have to do is to register. It is free to do so. It is quick. It is easy. It is safe. It is legal. Then you can stop dreaming and start doing something about making your dreams come true.

So, why not take a chance on becoming an instant billionaire. For less than the price of a draft beer or a packet of cigarettes you can become filthy rich. Your chance is as good as anyone else’s. And the best lotto tip ever? You got it!

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